Farmbase is a system designed to replace the wide array of controllers with one single system. Intended to give farmers and agricultural operators/ producers more freedom and flexibility in their day to day. Instead of a costly independent control box for each piece of equipment in your barn, why not control everything from one integrated program?


Devries Electric has over 30 years experience in wiring barns. In that time we have wired countless controllers for an array of devices from scrapers an pumps, to fans, lights, and timers.

We saw that many farms had control boxes all over their barn, installed in various, and sometimes seemingly random locations. Each system would work independently, and when a component would break down, often the entire control box would need to be replaced. Potentially costing thousands of dollars, and up to a month to receive. Oftentimes, as electricians, we would be called for service work on third party control systems, and we now have a very strong knowledge of control, and farmers needs.

With a Farmbase Control System, all of your necessary equipment works in unison, and service is quick and cost effective.

Control Opportunities

  • Lighting (control different zones either manually or create timers to control them)
  • Curtains (control each zone manually or automatically controlled by thermostat)
  • Box fans (control each zone manually or automatically controlled by thermostat)
  • Variable speed fans (control speed of fan depending on temperature in barn)
  • Cow sprinklers (set to go off on timed cycles)
  • Bin fans (control bin fans from remote location)
  • Augers/hopper tanks (fill TMR mixer remotely from tractor or set up timers to fill automatically)